Classic Recordings

Now in its 17th year of providing high quality Audiophile, Rare & Collectable Classical Music Recordings on Vinyl LP's and Open Reel Tapes.


I am in the process of re-building my inventory lists with the 7,000 recordings.

If you are interested in purchasing a single record, a collection of records for yourself, or if you would like to start a record business where you are located and need a continual supply of classical music vinyl records, please let me know. I have shipped over 50,000 records to resellers and private purchasers in Hong-Kong, Viet-Nam and various parts of Asia with complete success. Here are some photo's of my inventory of 13,000 records before it was sold.

I am always interested in purchasing Classical music LP, Open Reel tape, and SACD collections, as well as select high end and vintage audio equipment.

Please check my want list page, and contact me if you have a collection for sale.

David Stangret